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While Spain is slowly crawling up from the emergency lockdown caused by the Covid-19 Virus, many people wonder how the situation will be like on the beaches this summer. As a new beach restaurant in Marbella (Costa del Sol), we like to be the first to explain the situation.

Marbella summer 2020

Undeniably, the summer of 2020 will go down in history. And not because of its insane temperatures or amazing sports events…unfortunately! No, the Covid-19 outbreak has left is mark pretty much on this calendar year. Nevertheless, while we write this article, the situation is showing vast improvement.

Hopefully the forecast of the Minister of Transport will come true in Spain, and at the end of June the borders will open again for the foreigners so they can come back to Spain to enjoy the nice weather, the gastronomy, the culture and the beach. But in order for you to enjoy a day on the beach, you must take a couple if things into account. We highlight them in the next chapter.

Phase 1,2 and 3

As of May 18th, locals and expats on the Costa del Sol have cautiously returned to the Costa del Sol’s sun-soaked terraces. As temperatures pushed the mid-20s today ahead of a week of sunny skies, Malaga province entered Phase 2. This stage of Spain’s coronavirus deescalation plan allowed many bars and cafes to throw open their doors for the first time in nine weeks. As the national COVID-19 death toll stayed below 100 for the second consecutive day, things appear to be further returning to a ‘new normal’.

Social Distancing

As in many countries that have beaches, Spain is looking for the best way to let people enjoy the beaches safely and in a controlled way.

As many of you will know, it is not allowed to occupy more than 50 % of the terrace, to maintain the “social distance”. As a result, the capacity of our restaurant will be limited. Now, in order to avoid disappointments, we advice everyone to make a reservation. This is the only way that we can guarantee that you have a table, sun-bed.

We do everything within our power to make the summer of 2020 a great summer while keeping you safe!

What we do to keep you safe

As we speak we are getting the restaurant ready and sanitised according to government standards and of course after reopening we will take all the hygiene measures necessary to make your visit safe!! Next to that, we have created digital menu’s for our guests. This way the menu’s will not pass any hands and rules out the chance of becoming infected with the Coronavirus. We have placed QR-code signs on all tables, so you can easily check out our menu using your smart phone. Our waiters will keep their distance as much as possible, and daily specials will be communicated on our chalk boards.

Our outdoor (and indoor) tables spread two metres apart. Before entering the toilet there are hand sanitiser pumps outside the toilets.

All together, the Spanish coastal resorts are looking for ways to guarantee corona-free beaches when national and international tourism gets back on track. But despite all the measures one can and will take, the people’s own responsibility is still the most important thing, even if you go on holiday to another country, you should always keep that in mind.

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